Baby Elephant Refuses To Leave Mom's Side Until They're Both Free From Mud Pit

February 19, 2023

A mother elephant and her baby were trapped in a deep muddy pit.

Hope was almost lost for the two as they were both sinking to their doom.

elephant rescue
Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

When rescuers from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust arrive, the mother elephant refuses to let them near her baby. She does everything in her power to shield and protect him from the strangers.

So, the rescuers decide to sedate Mom while they save the baby. But once they got him free, he immediately ran back to his mother's side and got stuck once more. This happens over and over.

Realizing that he shares his mother's fighting spirit and won't leave her side, they decide to sedate him, too.

Using straps and tractors, the rescuers were able to bring both Mom and her baby out of the thick mud.

Moments later, the mother and child reunite and walk back into the wilderness together.

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