Rare Footage Of Two Endangered Golden Monkeys Hugging

February 14, 2023

Huddling and grooming are common behaviors among golden monkeys, and they may hug each other as a sign of affection and comfort, especially when they are feeling stressed or afraid.

Golden monkeys are known for their distinctive and highly visible golden-yellow fur, which is why they are named as such. However, this fur color is not a result of genetics, but rather it is due to the presence of specialized bacteria that live on the skin of these monkeys. These bacteria produce pigments that give the fur its bright golden color.

This unique adaptation helps golden monkeys stand out and make them more visible to each other in the dense bamboo forests where they live, making it easier for them to communicate and stay together as a group.

Turn up your sound for this heartwarming footage of two endangered golden monkeys hugging.

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