'Miracle' Baby Raises Hands While Dad Sings Hallelujah

January 26, 2023

A father was brought to tears while singing to his "miracle" baby in the NICU.

Dad Daniel Johnson was filmed by Mom singing "Hallelujah Here Below" while holding his two-and-a-half month old son Remington.

Remington was born 4 months early and given a 21% chance of survival.

In the video, Daniel sings the words "hallelujah" to which Remington responds by raising his hands.

"The minute the word 'hallelujah' comes out of his mouth for him, to extend his arm like that, there's not an experience like it," Emily Johnson told GMA. "It really shows you in that moment. God is here … and everything is going to be OK."

"It's been an emotional ride and … the video definitely showed how I felt because he's a miracle baby in every sense of the word," Daniel said.

@fritojohnson89 Remington Hayze Johnson. Proof that God is faithful. Born 4 months early and given a 21% chance of survival. Today we are 2 1/2 months old giving God all the praise He deserves. #worship #nicu #nicubaby #dadsinging #elevationworship ♬ original sound - Daniel Johnson

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