Wild Groundhog Tries To Blend In With The Cats In Hilarious Video

November 16, 2022

Cats just love to humble other animals.

In the original video by Cody Pierce, a wild groundhog wandered up to his outdoor cats to get a snack and drink some water.

"I get home from work and a groundhog is eating and drinking with the outside cats," he said.

Since then, the groundhog has been a regular visitor. Pierce decided to name him Mr. Biggles.

"It looks like Mr. Biggles stopped by again this morning for a bite to eat before leaving for work where ever he goes," he said.

A TikToker added this absolutely hilarious voiceover to Pierce's video.


it wasn’t groundhog’s day 🎥: cody_pierce (IG)

♬ it wasnt groundhogs day - Dusty🗣Dubs

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