Meet Maggie, The Amazing Hockey Goalie From New Brunswick

October 14, 2022

Maggie the goalie is taking the internet by storm with her amazing hockey saves.

Maggie is a German Shepherd from New Brunswick with very quick reflexes.

"She always had great reflexes," her owner Yannick Devost said. "When she was a young puppy, it was very obvious she was good at catching balls, or whatever we threw at her, she would catch and bring back."

So, he started posting videos of her on TikTok -- and viewers can't get enough.

@maggiethegoalie #maggiethegoalie #saveoftheday #hockey #NHL #dogsoftiktok #washingtoncapitals ♬ Centuries - Fall Out Boy

Devost is training her to do more than just save goals.

"I'm teaching her to take a stick, like a soft mini stick, on the floor and take it in her mouth and to shoot to the net," Devost told CTV News. "So that's going well."

And there's this 360 save:

@maggiethegoalie #maggiethegoalie #hockey #NHL #dogsoftiktok #hockeydog ♬ The Bad Touch - Bloodhound Gang

Until canines can be drafted by the NHL, you can watch Maggie's skills on TikTok @maggiethegoalie.

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