Man Asks 100-Year-Old Veteran If He Will Go To Disneyland With Him

September 28, 2022

Isaiah Garza shared a wholesome video of a 100-year-old man having one of the best days of his life at Disneyland.

Garza approached the man, who is a complete stranger to him, and asked if he would like to go to Disneyland with him for the day.

The man agreed — and now everyone who watches is crying tears of joy.

"I feel like I might be dreaming or something," the man says in the video. "I thought my life was over."

@isaiahgarza I took a 100 year old veteran to Disneyland & we became best friends ❤️ #disneyland #kindness #friends #veteran #bestfriends ♬ Steal My Sunshine (Single Version) - Len

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