This Wholesome 'Catching A Mouse' Joke At Work Is Hilarious

September 28, 2022

Megan Rae played a joke on her coworkers and the result had everyone in stitches.

She told them she caught a mouse by placing a bowl over it but didn't know how to remove it from the office. One of her coworkers slid a piece of cardboard under the bowl (she was very proud of herself) and walked the "mouse" out into a nearby field to release it.

"I was the only person who knew it was a computer mouse," Megan said. "Everyone’s hyping up and reactions are 100% real.. besides mine."

@_meganrae Office pranks, courtesy of moi. #pranktok #prankwars #dentaloffice #mouse ♬ The Home Depot Beat - The Home Depot

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