Missing Cat Rings Family's Doorbell

September 20, 2022

A lost cat in Long Island, New York, found her way home and rang her owner’s doorbell, leading to a heartwarming reunion captured on video.

Lily the cat loves to explore but always comes home, owner Stefanie Whitley said.

But when her family moved to a new neighborhood, Lily went missing.

"Normally she comes home, but this time felt different, and I didn't think that Lily was coming home," Whitley told WPIX.

Four days after Lily disappeared, Whitley and her family were sitting at home when their Ring doorbell rang. Whitley said she and her family were startled, wondering who was at their door that late at night.

"We all gasped. We were laughing. We were emotional. We were crying. It was a great moment," Whitley said.

Watch the video below.

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