$20 A Year For Cat Litter? Cat Owners Are Saying This System Is Life-Changing

September 12, 2022

How would you like to spend just $20 a year for cat litter?

A popular video titled "YOU'RE DOING YOUR CAT LITTER WRONG" has millions of views and thousands of supportive comments.

In the video, Becky explains how she uses pine pellets for kitty litter.

"My new litter system is easier, more pleasant to do, more ethical, and it's cheaper," she says.

The majority of the comments on the video say it works.

"A year ago I watched it and was sceptical, but you CHANGED MY LIFE. Wood litter + a sifting box = best thing that happened to my cat-care routine. THANK YOU!" one user commented.

"I switched to pine pellets after watching this video and it was life-changing. The odour control is amazing!" another user wrote.

"Been using wood pellets for about 2 years now and its an absolute life changer. $20 for 15kg bag!" wrote another.

Watch the video below.

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