A Filipino Construction Worker's Act Of Kindness Is Rewarded With An Amazing Opportunity

August 15, 2014

A simple act of kindness has opened a great opportunity for a Filipino construction worker to give his family a better life.

Adones Datalayta with his daughter / YouTube Screenshot

Adones Datalayta made the news after returning a lost wallet containing P20,000 ($450 US). After hearing the story, Farrell Group Ltd., A New Zealand based company, expressed interest in hiring him.

Ivan Presquito, a Filipino finance and process manager with Farrell, told "24 Oras" via Skype that people with Datalayta's level of honesty are "quite hard to find," adding Datalayta should serve as "an inspiration to do good."

Farrell Group Ltd. accepted the construction worker after an interview over Skype, and has agreed to shoulder flight costs to bring him to New Zealand. However, his lack of proper documentation such as a birth certificate and passport is a major stumbling block.

If Datalayta manages to get there, he will earn up to P100,000 a month, which will be a huge increase in pay for him and his family.


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