Venomous And Adorable: Memphis Zoo Celebrates Birth Of Rare Pygmy Slow Loris

February 2, 2024

The Memphis Zoo has shared the joyous news of the birth of a rare and endangered Pygmy slow loris.

Born on December 13th, this adorable primate is the offspring of proud parents Samper and Artemis. However, due to special circumstances, zoo veterinarians made the decision to provide the newborn with extra care to enhance its chances of survival.

pygmy slow loris memphis zoo

The dedicated staff at the zoo have taken on the responsibility of hand-rearing the baby Pygmy slow loris, ensuring it receives round-the-clock care.

Initially, the primate was nourished with formula every two hours. As it continues to grow, the little one has now graduated to a slurry of banana, leaf eater biscuit, water, and formula, which it eagerly consumes from a bowl.

pygmy slow loris memphis zoo

The Pygmy slow loris, scientifically known as Nycticebus pygmaeus, is native to the forested regions of Southeast Asia.

Despite their endearing appearance, Pygmy slow lorises are not suitable as pets. They have special dietary needs, are easily stressed, and possess a unique method of protecting themselves and their young. The species coats their babies in a mixture of saliva and secretions to create a venom, highlighting the complexity of their adaptations for survival.

pygmy slow loris memphis zoo

As the little one continues to grow, keepers will select a name that reflects its personality accurately.

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