Uber Driver Returns $8,000 To Teen After Leaving It Behind

December 23, 2023

Today's good news story comes from Hoover, Alabama.

Esbon Kamau had a routine Tuesday afternoon picking up passengers in Hoover.

On this particular day, he had the pleasure of driving Alex Tisdale, a 16-year-old who eagerly shared the exciting news of receiving an $8,000 Christmas gift from his proud father to purchase a new motorcycle.

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WVTM 13 News

During the 15-minute journey to John Hawkins Parkway, Tisdale left Kamau with a heartwarming impression. However, the unexpected took place when Kamau noticed an abandoned red bag at the back of his seat after dropping off Tisdale to pick up another passenger.

Upon inspecting the bag, Kamau discovered a substantial amount of money. Rather than keeping it, he decided to hold onto the cash until he could report the incident to Uber. Meanwhile, Tisdale, unaware of the missing money, anxiously retraced his steps, wondering where he could have left it.

Unable to locate each other, both parties utilized the Uber app to report the missing item. Thanks to Uber's intervention, they were connected over the phone. Without hesitation, Kamau made the commendable decision to drive back to Tisdale.

Tisdale, relieved and surprised by Kamau's integrity, expressed his gratitude by generously tipping him $10. This act of kindness left a lasting impression on Tisdale, who advised others to be grateful for what they have.

In reflecting on the incident, Kamau shared a piece of advice for fellow Uber drivers, emphasizing the importance of doing the right thing at the right time. He believes in the principle that good deeds come back tenfold, a sentiment that echoes the positive outcome of this chance encounter.

Watch the good news video below.

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