Every Third Grader Receives A New Bicycle In Unexpected Act Of Kindness

December 8, 2023

Today's good news story comes from Cumberland County, North Carolina.

In a heartwarming turn of events, every third grader at Sunnyside Elementary School received an unexpected and delightful surprise – a brand new bicycle to call their own.

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Credit: WRAL News

The students were tasked with reading the book "Think Big. Work Hard. Be Kind. No Excuses." and then expressing their thoughts through an essay for a chance to win one of three bikes.

Londyn Anderson shared her aspirations of joining the WNBA in her winning essay. She was the first recipient of a shiny new bike. As two more exceptional essays were read, the last two bicycles found their deserving owners.

Amidst the initial disappointment of those who didn't win, a surprise awaited the entire class. Unbeknownst to them, a group of 60 volunteers eagerly stood by in the hallway, ready to unveil a monumental surprise.

The assistant principal took to the microphone, exclaiming, "Everyone gets a bike!"

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Credit: WRAL News

The generous gesture was made possible by Old Fayetteville Insurance, the company behind the donation and assembly of the bicycles.

Paige Ross, representing Old Fayetteville Insurance, emphasized that these bikes were a small token of appreciation for the students' hard work during the fall semester, focusing on their academic endeavors and character development as highlighted in the book.

This marks the second consecutive year of such heartwarming surprises by the real estate company in Cumberland County.

The previous year saw 80 students from Westarea Elementary School receiving the gift of new bicycles, creating lasting memories and spreading joy throughout the community.

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Credit: Sheriff Ennis W. Wright

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