'I Received A Guiding Premonition': Off Duty Nurse Saves Man's Life

October 20, 2023

Today's good news story comes from Phoenix, Arizona.

Leigh Ann Sondrup, a dedicated nurse at Valleywise, has earned the title of a hero after a remarkable off-duty rescue that saved a man's life.

Credit: Phoenix Fire Department

The extraordinary chain of events unfolded as Sondrup was heading home from an extended work shift. She had just completed her fourth consecutive night shift, and fatigue was taking its toll. Little did she know that July 26, 2023, would become a day etched in her memory.

While driving home, Sondrup noticed a cement truck had overturned on State Route 143 near Sky Harbor, with a man trapped inside. Despite her exhaustion, she made a spur-of-the-moment decision to intervene.

"It's strange, there were so many factors that led me to that precise moment," reflected Sondrup. "Normally, I wouldn't have been there."

Under what she describes as a twist of fate, Sondrup pulled over, joined by a couple of other individuals who happened to be passing by. With impeccable timing, no other cars were on the road, allowing her to cross over safely and reach the accident scene.

Sondrup courageously crawled beneath the truck to assess the injured man. In a display of resourcefulness, she utilized a bystander's belt as a makeshift tourniquet to staunch the bleeding. Months have passed since that fateful day, and on October 18, the Phoenix Fire Department recognized Sondrup for her life-saving actions.

Sondrup maintains a profound belief that everything and everyone serves a purpose in life.


"I genuinely feel that my guiding force led me to that very moment," she told Fox 10 Phoenix. "I'm not without imperfections, but I believe that at that critical juncture, I received a guiding premonition."

The man Sondrup rescued recently reached out to express his gratitude for the second chance at life.

"I wish him nothing but the best," Sondrup remarked. "I hope he experiences a full recovery and a future filled with success."

Watch the good news video below.

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