Grandson Saves Grandfather's Life With Skill Learned For Summer Job

August 16, 2023

A grandfather is now recovering in the hospital after he suffered a cardiac arrest on the golf course.

He credits his grandson with saving his life.

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Jason, Jose, Tony | Credit: Fox 5 Atlanta

Jason Aussin was out playing golf with his father, Tony, and grandfather, Jose, on July 24.

"My grandpa had a great shot onto the green. We thought he was celebrating, looked over [and] he collapsed and started turning purple. Checked his breathing, checked for a pulse, nothing," Jason told Fox 5 Atlanta.

Without a moment's hesitation, Jason sprung into action. He learned CPR while training to be a lifeguard just a couple of months ago and put his skills to good use.

"Immediately, I knew what to do. I turned to my father and said, 'Hey I need you on breaths. I'll do the CPR'," he told the news station.

Jose can't say enough about his son and grandson.

"It's like they're professional doctors. They saved my life!" he said.

Jason is now encouraging others to learn CPR.

Watch the good news video below.

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