Woman Helps Local Pick 'N Save Worker After Learning He Has No Heat Or Hot Water

June 13, 2023

A woman in Monroe, Wisonsin, rallied the community to raise funds and purchase a new broiler for a beloved local Pick 'N Save worker.

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Stephanie and Dennis / Credit: WMTV

Stephanie Peach says she always has a pleasant encounter with Dennis Raiten-- who mentioned he did not have heat during the winter.

"I just got to know him and one day he told me that he hoped it stayed nice out because it's nice and warm out and he didn't have any heat," Stephanie told NBC 15.

She learned that Dennis' boiler system went out approximately 15 months ago and he has not had hot water or heat since then.

On May 26, Stephanie launched a fundraising campaign to purchase Dennis a new broiler.

good news stories
Stephanie and Dennis / Credit: GoFundMe

"Dennis is a lovely older gentleman that works at Pick 'N Save," she wrote on GoFundMe. "He is always the nicest person and will remember things about customers and chat with them when they come back the next time."

"No 65 year old should have to take cold showers and not have heat," she said.

In under three weeks, the GoFundMe page raised nearly $5,000.

"I'm just flabbergasted," Dennis said. "I guess she's one of the few people that leaves me speechless. So, she did that."

Since summer is around the corner, Stephanie also helped to provide an AC unit for Dennis. She also increased the amount of the GoFundMe for Dennis to help with renovations to his bathroom.

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