Boy Raises Money For Waffle House Waiter Who Walks To Work And Is Living In A Motel With His Family

March 3, 2023

An 8-year-old boy in Arkansas is raising money to help a hard-working Waffle House employee buy a car and find a decent apartment.

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Devonte and Kayzen / GoFundMe

Kayzen Hunter and his family are regulars at their local Waffle House, where Devonte works.

"He always greets us with the biggest smile," Kayzen said, adding that he "is one of the most joyous and positive people you’ve ever met!"

The family recently learned that Devonte was walking to and from work every day, and that his wife and their two daughters were living in a motel room due to black mold in their apartment.

"He had to get his kids out and it set him back a lot," Kayzen said.

His family decided to create a GoFundMe to help Devonte get a car and find a clean rental property for his family.

"I hope your heart is as BIG as mine and you will help me spread kindness in the world. Any amount helps!!" Kayzen wrote on GoFundMe.

With an initial goal of $5,000 to get Devonte a reliable vehicle, the online fundraiser has now accumulated more than $57,000 as of Friday morning.

If you would like to contribute, click here.

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