'Britain's Best Postie' Delivers Letter From Santa To Excited Little Girl

December 15, 2022

A mailman in the UK went above and beyond for a 7-year-old girl who attempted to mail her Christmas list to Santa in the North Pole.

postman letter from santa
Credit: Jonny Wilson / Facebook

With her mother's help, Alanah wrote out her Christmas list, placed it into an envelope and addressed it to the North Pole.

Mailman Jonny Wilson said Alanah was waiting at the door for him when he arrived to personally hand him the letter.

postman letter from santa
Credit: Jonny Wilson / Facebook

"The look of excitement just pulled on my heartstrings. I just couldn't let the letter be destroyed knowing she wouldn't receive a reply," Wilson told The Mirror.

"On Sunday I woke up and started looking for some templates online and I managed to find a great one. So on Monday, I printed it, popped it in an envelope and took it with me so I could post it back to Alanah on the day."


The letter let Alanah know that she had made the "nice" list this year. Santa also requested special treats on Christmas Eve.

postman letter from santa
Credit: Jonny Wilson / Facebook

The letter read:

"It's almost time for me to pack up my sleigh and hit the skies with Rudolph and all the other reindeers. I have been checking my nice list, and Mrs Claus and I were happy to see you on the list this year!

Remember to go to bed early on Christmas Eve. No peeking! Also, leave out carrots for the reindeers and cookies and milk for me. We get very hungry delivering toys to all the good girls and boys all over the world.

I hope you keep on being your parents' pride and joy, plus an inspiration to other kids.

Your Friend,

Santa Claus

P.S. I loved last year's cookies.
Any chance you have more of those?"

Alanah's mother said she couldn't believe it when Jonny delivered a response from Santa.

"Alanah was so over-the-moon and excited when she received a response in the post," she told The Mirror.

"Jonny could definitely be Britain’s best postie," she added.

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