Employer Gifts A Month's Worth Of Groceries To All 100 Employees, With No Limit

December 7, 2022

A digital marketing company in Breda, Netherlands, gave employees free groceries for a month as a Christmas gift.

business owner free groceries one month
Employee Tessa and owner Joris / Credit: ad.nl

More than one hundred Yonego employees all received a folder, a shopping bag and a gold envelope. Yonego's owner, Joris Toonders, then told them to put all of their receipts from the supermarket in the envelope throughout the month of December.

"No one knew and it took a while before the penny dropped. There was dead silence for a few seconds. Then people started clapping. I think I've said thank you a thousand times," an employee told Omroep Brabant, a Netherlands news station.

"I have never seen a hundred colleagues so quiet together," Toonders said.

Toonders did not put any limitations on the groceries. He told the news station that he trusts his employees to not take advantage of this gift.

"I don't know what people normally do for groceries and whether they're going to buy something extra, but I trust my colleagues," Toonders said.

"You have to trust your colleagues and they have to feel that way too."

Joris Toonders Yonego
Credit: ad.nl

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