Community Members Surprise Sonic Fast Food Worker With Huge Tip

April 20, 2022

A random act of kindness involving a hard working Sonic employee and a stranger who wanted to do something good is going viral on social media.

Sonic employee act of kindness
John McLendon / CBS19

John McLendon is a carhop at a Sonic in Athens, Texas.

Recently, his work ethic and positive attitude was captured by a customer and posted to social media.

Athens resident Cassie Woods saw the post and decided to do something good for him.

"He shows up, he smiles, he's joyful, he's pleasant, he's kind," she said. "There were lots and lots of comments and lots of shares of everybody just talking about how he was a great person. I was like, 'oh, it'd be cool to do something big for him'."

She asked commenters to help her reward McLendon's hard work with a huge tip.

She raised $320 and surprised him in the drive-thru.

"It's crazy," McLendon said. "And then they're telling me everybody was sharing it and like people wanted to send me money because I made their day. Just bringing happiness to the world at the Sonic here in Athens."

Watch the video below.

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