Community To Surprise Beloved Walgreen's Cashier With Dream Vacation

March 18, 2018

A community is trying to send a beloved Walgreen's cashier who's worked at the local store for 25 years on a dream vacation.

walgreens employee vacation gofundme
Irene / GoFundMe

Irene will be celebrating her 25th year anniversary as an employee of the Hub Walgreens in Richfield, MN, on April 7th.

Stephanie, a pharmacy technician at the store, says that Irene is known in town as "The Walgreen's Lady". For the past 25 years, she has welcomed every single customer with a loud "Welcome to Walgreens" and she wishes every person a "blessed day/night/holiday and tells you to be safe as you exit the store."

But lately, Irene hasn't been in the best of health and Stephanie thinks she deserves a vacation to paradise.

"I have had the privilege to be able to get to know her a lot better and upon learning that she hasn’t had the best or easiest time in her life and recently she suffered a stroke, it amazes me how she can go through all she has been through and still see the best in everyone," Stephanie wrote. "Even though all the troubles and tragedies she has endured she still does her best to put on a smile, laugh, and make everyone welcome to the store."

"Having just recently discussed with her what she would do if she had some money she said she would want to go on a nice vacation. I asked her if she had ever been on vacation and she said no she hadn’t since she could never afford it and that the farthest she’s been from MN is Michigan and Chicago. She expressed to me that she would love to go to Portland, OR, or Hawaii."

Stephanie launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for Irene's dream vacation and has already raised over $2,500 in just two days.

Irene has no idea that her community is raising money for her.

"Lastly I would like to keep this top secret so please if you see her wish her a happy anniversary but please don’t mention about the go fund me page or what we as a community are trying to do for her," Stephanie wrote. "I will make sure I videotape the moment I tell her the secret and I will share it with everyone."

"Please share with friends/family/anyone you know that knows Irene or has a story about her they would like to share. The more participation we can get the happier it will make Irene. She has in one way or another touched all of us at some point with her upbeat positivity and humor and made you feel welcome."

To help send Irene to paradise, visit GoFundMe.

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