A Winged Visitor And A Gift Of Joy

By Joseph J. Mazzella • July 8, 2024

We were in the eighth day of a heat wave that seemed to have no end. The summer heat and humidity were draining and it had gotten so hot that I was even having trouble falling asleep at night. My body felt tired and not ready to take on the day. I sat slowly drinking my morning coffee and hoping that it could help to lift up my eyelids more than half-way. It was early in the morning and already felt afternoon hot. I knew it was going to be another scorcher.

As I sat there not wanting to get up from my kitchen table, I glanced lazily out my window. The buttercups and dandelions were popping back up again after the last time the grass was mowed. I saw a few bumble bees bouncing from flower to flower and my weary face managed a weak smile. Then out of nowhere a brilliant, yellow butterfly appeared. It circled around my window as if to say “Hi!” then dropped down to the nearest dandelion. After resting a moment it flew back up to my window circling around joyfully. Watching this my smile widened and my heart filled. I have always had a special love for butterflies since my Mom passed away. Once I told my daughter that I was sure Mom’s spirit was still dropping down to check on us, riding invisible on the back of a butterfly. And ever since I said that my days have been filled with winged visitors. Each time I see one I thank God and tell Mom how much I love her.

I watched as this butterfly circled up to my window one last time and flew away. And as it did I didn’t feel quite so tired anymore. I was ready to embrace the day. I was ready to open my heart, share my love, and add a little more kindness to the world.

In this life you can’t know what each day will bring, but you can choose how you live it. Live yours then with Love, Laughter, Kindness, and Joy. Each new day here is God’s gift to us. And how we live it, is our gift to God. Make yours fantastic.


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