Airport Angels

By A Friend • June 11, 2024

Today I had a flight back home that I urgently had to be on, anything bad that could have happened, happened. Traffic? Awful Airport? Busy with senior trips.

I got through check in relatively quickly until I saw the line for tsa. I started to panic and cry over the wait to my mom on the phone not knowing what I would do, and that I didn't think I'd make my flight home, my anxiety shooting through the roof, I probably looked insane to anyone around me.

One lady in front of me saw me crying and offered to let me go in front of her, and then the people in front of here started to follow her lead and let me through.

And then I was spotted by tsa with tears and snot running down my face at this point because my flight left in 15 minutes, and ushered me through and was able to make my flight with 5 minutes to spare.

I am so incredibly thankful for those kind people and tsa agents that helped me out in the moment of crisis I was having. Whenever I come to California I am astonished at how nice everyone is here and this was a testament of thank.

Thank you for listening, and thank you my airport angels making sure I get home.


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