Today I Learned That Even A Small Act Of Humanity And Kindness Will Be Repaid To You At The Most Important Point

By A Friend • June 10, 2024

Today I was part of 3 separate acts of kindness and it seemed as if the world was giving me a message to always be humble, kind and willing to help others to the extent possible.

At 6 today in the morning, while I was en route my office, there was a lady who was requesting for getting a lift till somewhere nearby on my route. I could sense that she was getting late, and that it was too early to get an auto that too for such short a distance. I stopped my bike, picked her up and dropped her where I could. She thanked me and left. I was happy that I did what I did, although very minimal, and went ahead through the day.

Later in the night around 1ish, an intoxicated me was returning from a friend's place by an auto. Since it was getting late to reach back home, I was as anxious and restless one could be. En route, the auto guy hit a speedbreaker a bit too hard and the vehicle stopped in the middle of the road. I was frustrated, and a little part of me wanted to help by pushing the vehicle or doing something else, but a major part of me wanted to book another auto and bounce from the place. I was fighting in this decision making and acted upon neither, while the auto driver was trying his best to get the vehicle started, by turning it on again and again. This is when major act of humanity happened. There were two passersby in a load auto, and seeing us stranded, the load auto stopped, and one of the guys ran back and offered to help us out by pushing our auto.

Our auto managed to get started by itself by the time the helper had come, but that little act of kindness seemed so special and put a smile on mine as well my auto driver's face. When we both thanked the 2 of them, they didn't even make it a bit deal and reacted rather surprised that we are even thanking for such a small act. I felt a little embarrassed that I did not offer to help like the helper did.

All through the rest of my trip, the auto guy kept muttering and smiling about the passersby's willingness to help at that point. He was still over the moon that people like that existed. Now I had reached back home, and had to pay him through online. He gave me 4 different numbers to be paid to, but none of them worked since it said it was an issue from the receiver's bank end. Frankly, i was a bit frustrated at this, at which point the auto guy politely conveyed that the problem could be at my end, and that I can transfer the money later in the morning and we exchanged numbers.

I didn't believe the issue was from my bank's end at that point, but was overwhelmed by the auto driver's trust and act of kindness. Few minutes later when I sat down in my house, i tried again and the payment went through and then I realized that the auto driver was indeed right.

Summarizing all the events that happened, it dawned upon me that the auto driver took a page from the passersby's book and passed on the kindness to me. This was so wholesome and then I realized that I got this treatment because of the small help i offered to the lady earlier in the day. The entire sequence of events was so good, and good karma also is indeed a boomerang.

Now I certainly wish my quick thinking on the feet allows me to offer to help the maximum people out there and abstain from acting rude, not for the sake of reaping rewards or karma points,, but as an act of kindness, humanity and gratitude to the world out there.

Be kind, do good. Will help you scale heights.


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