By A Friend In Michigan • June 6, 2024

I am blessed to work from home.

Today, I suddenly heard horrible sound coming from out front of the house. I ran to the door and saw a child had fallen off his bike onto the sidewalk. WIthout a thought, I ran out the door and across the street, asking, "Did you take a bad fall?"

Sobbing, he nodded. I had him show me where he was hurt, got him over to my house, and had him sit on the porch while I got him cleaned and bandaged up.

His name was Emmett, and he said he lived up the street from me. By the time he was all patched up, his tears had stopped and he talked much more cheerfully.

As he rode off, he wanted me to know he plays hockey, and doesn't usually get so upset over something like this!

What a wonderful feeling to be able to "come to the rescue"--however small--in a neighborhood where not many people are home during the day!


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