I Felt Special

By A Friend • May 31, 2024

I, (29f), had a hard time sharing the things I liked with people.

I grew up feeling looked over and wasn't sure anyone noticed if I was there. Family, friends, later coworkers... I just felt invisible.

It's no surprise that I never really enjoyed my birthdays. They were all generic, just another day, nothing special. No one asked about my favorite color, or themes, or cake flavor, it was just a generic birthday for a generic person.

Until a few years ago when I started working at a library..

I was a part timer and got close to my coworkers and it turned out we had a lot in common. We all enjoyed foreign films, shows, and music, and when I told them how much I liked a certain K-Pop boy band and Korean game show, I found that some of them were interested.

Cut to my birthday. I walk into our office and see my favorite boy band and Korean game show all over the room. They had decorated my cubicle and picked out my favorite colors, and even purchased snacks that I liked. I had never felt more seen.

It was by far the best birthday I ever had, and when I turn on my BTS lamp that my dear coworker gifted me, I remember just how special it feels when someone takes the time to get to know you.


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