I Went To Grab A Few Items From The Grocery Store

By Jill • April 1, 2024

I went to grab a few items from the grocery store only to get to the checkout and none of my cards worked -decline decline decline.

I was pretty embarrassed and shocked as I knew I had money in my acct's, no idea why they didn't work. Of course trying to call the bank on a Saturday let alone Easter weekend- no answer.

This beautiful lady came to me outside when I was trying to call the bank and offered to buy my groceries. I was taken back with her kind gesture, I'd never had that happen to me before.

I thanked her but said no thank you I'd be ok.

I went to the atm and my card worked- go figure. So back to the store with cash in hand only to have to shop all over again as my cart had been emptied. Maybe it was just the universe showing me there still are gorgeous people out there.


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