A Magnet Of My Mom

By A Friend • March 25, 2024

About 10 years after my mom passed, it was around Mother’s Day and everyone was posting pictures of their mother’s on Facebook. As my mom passed before cell phone pics were really a thing, I didn’t have any on my phone and I posted on FB that I was sad that I didn’t have any photos of my mom to post. I don’t know why I didn’t think to take a picture of a picture but, regardless, both my aunt and former neighbor had posted pictures of my mom.

Fast forward about a week or so, and an older gentleman, Neil, who would deliver products to my office every week came up to my desk and said he wanted me to have something. When I looked, he had taken one of the photos of my mom that was posted to FB and made a beautiful magnet. I started crying right there and then because it was just so thoughtful of him and such a surprise.

Ten years after that incident and I’m crying again as I’m typing this. I still have that magnet of my mom, it’s hanging on my refrigerator, and I think of him and his kindness every time I look at it.


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