I Needed A Bike For My Daughter

By A Friend • March 4, 2024

A few days ago, I posted on my local buy and sell page that I needed a bike for my daughter for her upcoming school triathlon.

A lovely gentleman replied to my post, saying that he had one, so I asked if we could come and have a look at it.

So my daughter and I arrived at his house the next day. He’d pumped up the tires and made sure everything was in excellent working order, it’s almost brand new!

The best part was, he offered it to us for free!

I offered to pay but he refused and said he just wanted to be nice. So thank you kind sir, you’ve no idea of the financial struggles we’ve been through lately and this would have been another bill to add to the growing list.

Thank you, and I hope kindness is returned to you ten fold!


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