I Experienced The Most Kindest, Wonderful People The Other Day

By Caitlin • February 28, 2024

I experienced the most kindest, wonderful people the other day I feel truly humbled.

I collapsed while crossing the road with my 9 month old baby early Sunday afternoon. The number of people who raced over and out of homes, to comfort my baby, comfort me and keep me calm. Brought umbrellas to shield me from the sun, brought ice packs and bottles of water, called an ambulance, kept me awake and with it until the ambulance got there, blocked the street off so cars couldn’t drive through.

I am truly, truly so thankful and grateful to you all. I am so humbled and grateful to everyone, especially those angels who stepped up in the first instance and jumped into action.

I am also a single mother so to be shown such love and kindness from complete strangers is the greatest blessing. Thank you so much and God bless you all for coming to my and my baby's aid.


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