This Is A Bit Of A Kindness /pay It Forward Story

By A Friend • February 5, 2024

Midway through mowing our lawns, hubby's lawn mower failed. He messaged a neighbour to ask to borrow their mower. They wheeled it in straight away.

Before he could use it, he got a call from a very distressed friend. She had managed to get her car bogged and blow a tyre on a remote, unmade road. She needed a tow. (We have a 4WD truck)

After promising to help we realised we don't have a tow rope. Hubby walked a few doors down and was greeted by a new neighbour. On hearing about the tow rope he quickly grabbed his and offered it up.

We proceeded to the bogged car, managed to tow it out of the sand and onto solid ground.The damaged wheel was removed and the spare put on. We followed the owners home to be sure all was ok. They were so very grateful.

Hubby returned the rope with thanks. The new neighbour's response "Your are welcome to grab it anytime, you know where is".

On returning home, Hubby finished the lawns and gratefully returned the lawn mower.

This really reminded me that what goes around, comes around and a little kindness goes a long way.


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