At The Beach This Afternoon And Saw Two Kids Chasing Seagulls Screaming

By A Friend • January 22, 2024

At the beach this afternoon and saw two kids chasing seagulls screaming.

"Sorry!" his mum said to us.

We laughed it off. I watched the children playing and they were so full of joy.

I went in for a swim and when I came back ten minutes later the surf rescue people were helping their dad. I don’t know what happened in those ten minutes but he was lying on his back and mum was trying to wrangle the three kids looking panicked.

As I went to ask her if she was ok, another two women stepped forward and offered to help the mum with the kids. She gratefully accepted.

She went to get her car knowing the kids were watched well by these complete strangers.

I saw you strangers and I saw how kind you were without a second thought, one of you was pregnant too!

Thanks also to the amazing lifeguards for all you do.


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