Today I Placed My Handbag On The Cover Of My Daughter's Ute Tray

By Leah • January 17, 2024

Today I placed my handbag on the cover of my daughter’s ute tray. We were going to the dog park and I was distracted loading the dogs. I forgot I had left it there. I was convinced I had packed it but when it wasn’t in the car I decided I must have left it at home.

Three hours later a lovely man was tooting madly in our driveway. I went out and he had my purse and car keys. He had seen them on the 80km/hr road we live on. He was able to find my address from my license and had dropped by two hours earlier but we were still out.

I couldn’t believe he had driven past a second time. I didn’t even know it was lost.

I offered the gentleman $50 as a thank you but he refused. He said this was the Samoan way to help people.

I could not thank him enough. My purse had my credit cards, license and other important cards. My keys give access to our house, shed and my car. In the wrong hands they would have had access to our money, house and car.

There are so many beautiful people in the world. I hope this lovely man wins Power Ball this week!


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