My Daughter And I Were On The Receiving End Of A Colossal Act Of Kindness

By Nicki • January 12, 2024

My daughter and I were on the receiving end of a colossal act of kindness.

She broke her almost brand new school laptop, after spilling soup onto it. I took it to a local repair shop that I had never been too. After chatting to the owner I began to cry.

Being a single mum, I was struggling to comprehend how I was going to not only pay for them to check the computer, but also pay for a new one if they weren’t able to repair it.

The owner, who was such a lovely man, told me he was going to waiver the fee to take a look at the laptop.

But wait it gets better!

I received a text message saying that it was ready to pick up, so I assumed they had been able to repair it. My daughter went in to the shop to pick it up - and she received two laptops.

It turns out they were unable to repair the laptop. The owner then told my daughter that the team had all chipped in to buy her a brand new one, as a way of helping her and I out.

I was absolutely lost for words at this amazing act of kindness. I have since spoken to the owner and am going in to give them a hamper of goodies to share to show my appreciation and gratitude. I always practice random acts kindness, and it really was lovely to be on the end of one.

The world really is filled with beautiful people.


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