So The Other Night I'm In The Middle Of Dropping Off An Instacart Order...

By Michael • January 8, 2024

An elder man pulled up and asked if I knew where St Luke's Hospital was located.

Being that we were a bit far [from the hospital] I didn't just want to say "make a left here and go straight," so instead I told him I'll use my GPS and you can follow me. I didn't have any active orders so I figured why not?

I got in my car and had him follow me. When we arrived at St Luke's I pulled to the side and told him "This is it." I wasn't expecting anything in return, I just did it because I felt like helping him out.

He then says, "Can I tip you?"

I said "Sure." because I know you can't really say no to these old timers! I put the bill in my pocket without looking; it was quite dark anyways. We said thanks to each other, Happy Holidays and I drove off.

When I get home I check the bill as I'm putting it in my wallet. I'm expecting it to be a $5 or at most $10 bill, however, it was this $50 bill. I felt bad for a second, but at the same time I understood.

I'm sharing this story to publicly thank this gentlemen.

Thank you, sir. May God multiply it tenfold.


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