It Feels Weird Posting This, But It Just Brought Me So Much Joy I Had To Share

By Rebecca • January 1, 2024

It feels weird posting this, but it just brought me so much joy I had to share.

We were buying our sausages from Bunnings this morning, when the salesperson announced it was cash only. The young man in line behind us said he was heartbroken and returned to his car to see if he had any coins hidden in the console.

When he didn’t come back, I went over and asked if he’d found the cash. He shook his head, sadly.

I passed him $5 through his car window and said we’d like to shout him a sausage, Merry Christmas!

He looked so shocked and happy, then gratefully enjoyed his sausage and can of drink. It was only $5, but brought us both so much joy, it felt amazing.

Best part was my kids watching the whole exchange and seeing how wonderful a tiny act of kindness could make everyone feel.

I was on a high all morning and the sausage tasted extra good.


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