Minor Miracle

By A Friend • December 18, 2023

My granddaughter was at the gas station filling her car with diesel. She went to pay only to be told that her $100 bill had been paid by the customer beside her.

This came at a time when she is struggling to pay bill due to the fact she has to have physio twice a week on her student pension ( she can’t work at the moment) to strengthen her hip which was operated on earlier this year. It was her 14th operation in her 20 years on the hip.

She was overwhelmed and rushed out to thank the person who wound down his window only to say it was his way of doing a good deed.

I talked to her about the concept of "passing it on" and she has assured me she will look for an opportunity to do so in some form she can afford.

There are moments in life that are minor miracles!


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