My Heart Is Singing Right Now

By Julie • December 7, 2023

A few weeks ago I posted on a site, asking for recommendations of a good 4G Samsung phone as I knew mine would need a new battery soon. Still good for another year or so. I was just starting some research.

A lady offered me a brand new one that she had bought last year. Couldn't get the hang of using Samsung and went back to Apple. Would I like it as it was just sitting in her draw doing nothing. I offered her some momey but she said No, just pay it forward. So on Tuesday I finally got everything moved from my old phone to my new phone and my old phone was cleared.

I contacted the chaplains where I lived to see if they knew of anyone who needed a phone?

As it was they had just retired and she had to hand over her work phone and was without a phone. She had just found out.

I was delighted to pay forward the phone to her and she was just as delighted to receive it.

What a Win/Win. They are such beautiful souls.

My heart is singing right now. How blessed we are.


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