Helped An Old Lady Today, Turns Out She Had Dementia

By A Friend • December 4, 2023

I'm 14 and just got back from a sleepover where I watched my cousin, and an old lady named Linda just stumbled into my driveway and she's in a short sleeved shirt.

I come outside because I can't tell what's going on and she tells me she doesn't know her way home and I talk to her for a bit, go over to my dad's friend who's here at our house dropping off some meat for us.

Well, he couldn’t help because he drives a tractor, so we walk back to the porch and I give her a sweatshirt which she didn’t want to take because she would feel bad, and I insisted. She didn’t know how to get it on so I helped her.

My dad's sleeping and won't wake up so I start walking with her down the road making sure she's okay and talking to her and something I noticed before we left was she kept repeating the same questions as if I never told her the answers or anything. But anyway I'm walking her down to my cousins trying to get her a ride. My cousin is like 15 minutes away.

Meanwhile this old lady is concerned about if I was cold or anything, I was but she had been colder for longer than I was so I just told her I wasn't.

We were half way to my cousin's house and her husband comes and thanks me and told me she has dementia and that he's really scared of what would have happened to her if I wasn't home or if I didn't give her that sweatshirt.

She made it home because, like I said, her husband came and picked her up. She was the sweetest old woman I have ever met in my entire life, she said she was 79 and her husband and her have been married for a long time and still love each other.

Bless her soul.


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