You Transformed A Feeling Of Hopelessness Into Joy

By A Friend • October 30, 2023

I’m living in a flood affected area. A lot of people are still recovering and some just surviving.

I took my 4yr to the local op shop to pick up some cheap toys and books. We are financially struggling (single mum with disability, no family support) at the checkout, I noticed a lovely person behind us chatting and being kind to my son.

She was buying some books and he had noticed a Marvel (hardcover $$) book she was buying and was impressed.

Later I’m putting him in the car and this person has come out behind me and asks me if it’s ok if my son would like the book she’d like to give it to him

That kindness means so much! And it meant the world to show my son that kind of generosity.

I didn’t get any info from the person except their name, so…Thank you Erin!

You transformed a feeling of hopelessness into joy.


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