Never Give Up

By Thomas • November 6, 2013

In 2005 i was having the best time of my life i was 20 drinking recklessly parting everyday i was in my gap period in life. The following year i was to go off to university in another country and i was so excited, life could not be better than this. On new yrs eve in the morning like every new yrs eve i was in happy mood, planning with my friends, for the evening ahead everything was going great. Normally i would get the party started at about 7 pm with a few glasses of hot stuff but that evening i felt down sad, i could not explain it , my parents where even concerned by 10 normally i would be 2 hrs out of the house by then. My best friend called me at about 10 pm to go with him to a party and came to pick me up THEN i started drinking from 10:30 till 12:30 nonstop shot after shot . I don't know how i wondered off from my friends and ended up on the main road yes i got struck by a car.

It was bad all i remember my friends who had been called by someone who recognized me trying to take me to the hospital but my leg had broken it was detached and I could not move. I was still intoxicated and could not feel the pain, an ambulance arrived and i was taken to hospital, now came the difficult part for my best friend to call my parents what i must have put them through, when i woke up which was now about 6 am the alcohol had worn off by now with still a broken leg i was in so much pain.

The doctor told me i had to have an operation to reattach my bone together and that i would never be able to walk without a walking stick, my heart sank how could i have done this to myself why did i do this why how ran through my mind everyday, worse i come from a country where the medical facilities and medicines are in short supply and the procedure would be very costly my parents had to sell the family car to pay for the op. There was no food given to patients so my dad would come every visiting hr to bring me food and tell me stories i have never felt so close to my dad.

I also spent my 21st birthday in hospital. The day of the operation came i was nervous, 2 pm was my scheduled time 6 pm i was done thank god for morphine, my family was with me till visiting time ended They had put metal plates in my leg to reattach the bones. 8 pm the horror began something was terribly wrong or the meds had worn off too quickly, i called the nurse a short stout lady who appeared to hate her job i pleaded with her to give me painkillers but she ignored me and walked away and turned off the lights i tried a few more times but to no luck i was alone in the ward just me and 4 other empty beds. I cannot explain the pain it was as if my leg had been sawn off, i tried to think of happy thoughts to occupy my mind it did not work, i tried to move i was paralyzed i had no use of my lower half of the body i spoke to myself, i blamed myself for being in this situation. what could i do who could i tell i was sorry who would listen to my repentance i was alone. i asked anyone in my head my mind please come and take me any where but here someone come and rescue me. i called to my Dad hoping he would hear me 15 km away.Across from the bed a clock i could see hear every tick tock tick tock. Why me God angrily WHY.

I looked up at the time it was only 9:03 pm i had only endured the pain for an hr something that felt like hours days months. I was alone i had given myself another hr and then shock would surely set in and i would helplessly slip away. I was happy with this thought, i had come to terms with my situation death was welcome. it was dark I could feel myself slipping not into sleep it felt different i knew.

Having given up all hope i decided to ask for forgiveness from the only one who could hear me, no self pity just my last prayer i remember the prayer as if it was a bed time prayer , "God we have not spoken in a long time i don't know why actually i do i have felt that i don't need you i was happy and now i am not asking for your help but forgiveness, i am sorry i am sorry help my parents deal with my passing forgive me" as i lay there waiting a voice deep down from a s though a closed door shouted no NO NO DON’T GIVE UP HAVE FAITH, I prayed again " God help me not like this i have so much to offer so much to give help me make it through the night i will walk i will run i will give myself to u just help me i will tell you all, everything that i have done" I told him everything i confessed as if it was going to be used as testimony, i spoke i listened it felt as if time had stopped, After what seemed like a few moments the lights came on a figure came to my bed a voice asked "are you OK it was a nurse not the short stout nurse it was a different nurse she smiled and asked again are you OK i looked at the clock it was 5:45 am i answered i don't know i could no longer feel the pain. I had made it through the night.

The doctors told me it would take me 8 months to walk again and maybe 3 years to walk without a stick for balance and i would never run again. I came out of hospital i could not walk at first but everyday was a challenge i would make an effort to walk to the bathroom then to the lounge then to the kitchen eventually walk around the yard, After 2 months of limping with the walking stick i got up and started running very slowly but i could run i cried. Today 2013 i play indoor soccer.

I will never forget how that night changed my life, I have never told my story till now. Never lose Faith.


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