Top 20 Spiritual Quotes

By Matshona Dhliwayo • April 24, 2017

1. Generosity is inverted prosperity.

2. Light achieves its highest potential in the dark.

3. The soul was the first temple; love was the first religion.

4. The universe is one body; love is its heartbeat.

5. A blessing shared is a blessing doubled.

6. Forgiveness achieves more than vengeance.

7. Hate quits when it is tired; love quits when it has won.

8. If you show off do not get upset when God doesn't show up.

9. Short prayers with long legs travel far.

10. Spiritual highs help you overcome emotional lows.

11. Our highest deeds come from helping the lowest people.

12. Love treats its enemies better than hate treats its friends.

13. An open heart has greater power than a clenched fist.

14. Hate spreads in the direction it is blown, but love spreads in all directions.

15. Light has more space to enter a heart when it is broken.

16. What you seek for others you find for yourself.

17. Be gracious like a tree; give shade even to those whose only desire is to cut you down.

18. Each time you shed tears, God gathers them to water the garden of your dreams.

19. Every cloud has a silver lining because God is the one who paints them.

20. You are the greatest temple in the universe; God dwells within you.


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