A Mothers Miracle

By Hunter Ramirez • August 27, 2013

An Amazing Story

Wow. After reading this story, that's about all I could think to myself. I couldn't believe how this could even be possible. A women in Australia had just gave birth to two twins. One of the twins was perfectly healthy, but the other not so much. After about 20 minutes of trying to get the baby, Jessie, to breath, the parents got the worst news of their lives. Jessie was pronounced dead. For two hours she held Jessie, and then all of a sudden he came back to life! It was a compete turnaround going from a horrible nightmare to a miracle. After I read this story I had this good feeling come across me, a feeling that just made me feel good. I also thought to myself how lucky I had been to be completely healthy when I was born and how lucky Jessie was to somehow live through this. I loved this story and to sum it up in one word I would have to say it was a miracle!


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