Keeping The Ego Away

By C M Reddy • November 27, 2015

Starting from this month I have been encountering one or other hardships from all directions. In the recent past a heavy downpour on our town has caused inundation of low lying areas with flood waters. I have to attend all the relief work. No sleep, everyone was demanding Immediate remedies. During the course I behaved very rude with my colleague which snowballed into other grim situation. Even while posting the story in this web site I borrowed the ideas from elsewhere, so there is no genuineness or original intrinsic feeling. Therefore I was lacking peace of mind. "What to do" at last I began introspection of my attitude and behaviour in those "tough times."

Immediately I called upon my colleague with whom I behaved rudely, had asked pardon and explained the condition in which I was. Then he relented and with that we could able to sort out all issues pending related to relief works. Together we got good reputation.

Many a times we may err in our words & behaviour while interacting with others and might get rebuked.

Certainly that is not the end of the world, we have choice to go back and rectify the damage.

The only essential part of the remedy is to keep away our "ego."

Then everything will fall in line, all people respond very positively for our humble gestures.

Ego keeps away all the people from us when if we carry it inherently, but if we keep away our ego then all people come close towards us.


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