Patience Is A Virtue

By Richard Nana Yaw Otwey • August 17, 2015

Patience is one of the greatest virtues to possess as we seek greatness. It's expressed in other words as forbearance, tolerance, persistence, fortitude, serenity, perseverance, imperturbability etc.

Let me share this funny but true story. I visited my dad one vacation and had to do my internship where he worked. One day, after work, I decided to take the lead home because my dad had to work late. I took a taxi with a man in the front seat who seemed to be getting along well with the driver. My first impression was they were friends. Two more ladies joined the cab. As we moved we got stuck in a traffic. The traffic was moving so slow quite a number of people got down from cars to walk. We were about 100m away from the main street. The gentleman in the front seat suggested to the driver to use the side of the road like most drivers do and join the main stream later in the front which he also did. Just a few meters more to the main street, a flash light started waving. The driver stopped and it was the police. Long story short, instead of booking the driver, the policeman took his license and told him to reverse to the end of the line and join in again for his license. This was about (5X) what we were left with if we had stayed in line. As selfish as we were all the passengers got down, including the gentleman in the front. We walked to the main street to get a car leaving the driver to endure the punishment alone.

Patience is not about doing nothing, but taking time to ensure the steps you are taking are right and precise. A little impatience can cause you a restart in life, farther than where you may have even started. And don't forget, that the very people we think are with us will leave, join another cab and move on while we suffer our retrogression alone. "You get chickens by hatching the eggs, not by smashing them" - Arnold Glasow.

Life isn't a race. Take your time and do it right.


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