Home For Christmas

By Chaska Moore • September 28, 2012

Kelsie survived breast cancer 5 years ago. We were all elated. Many in the family shaved their heads in solidarity when she lost hers to Chemo.

When she lost a breast and female organs, we felt helpless. There was nothing we could do but pray and love her.

So, when doctors pronounced her cancer-free, it was a real call for celebration. But the joy was not the end of the story.

Kelsie has been in unexplained pain for a couple of years now and has been confined to a wheelchair most of that time. April 2011 she began having seizures. Doctors kept telling her it was in her head but she kept deteriorating. Now we know it's not in her head.

Recently Kelsie has been going up to Mayo Clinic in Rochester for tests. This is one of the best hospitals in the United States. They repeated tests up there that have been done here and added some new ones. We were happy they were being so thorough.

This week's trip she had a PETscan and they took bone cultures from her spine.

We found out recently the dreadful reason she has not been able to walk, has such a wide diversity of medical issues and has been having seizures:

The cancer that was in her breast before has returned, but now is in her spine, lung and brain. Kelsie decided that since her time was limited, that instead of doing treatment and being ill her last days, that she is going to do Palliative Care instead.

We posted her story on Facebook to get her some support and encouragement. Little did we know that a band called Dimitri's Rail would offer to help raise money for her last wish, which is to spend the Holidays with her Family. This amazing band took time to create a blog and offer their band products and downloads, while sending profits to help make this wish happen. I am amazed at what kindness is in hearts of strangers. I really want the world to know that there is music really does touch the soul....in so many ways.




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