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Dog Thinks She Is So Sneaky When She Doesn't Want To Come Inside

45,368 views | Posted: May 4, 2018

Tasha the dog hides behind a flower pot when her owner calls for her to come inside.

A Cat Running On The Baseball Field Ends Up Saving 38,000 Lives

33,384 views | Posted: May 17, 2018

28 years ago, a frightened cat found her way onto the field during an Oakland A's game in Oakland. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dolphins 'Prank' Paddle Boarder And We Can't Stop Laughing

31,826 views | Posted: April 28, 2018

Locals only! A paddle boarder in Gracetown, Western Australia, has been filmed in a unique encounter with some of the ocean's friendliest creatures.

This 2-YEAR-OLD Drummer Is So Good, Even Musicians Are In Disbelief

31,753 views | Posted: April 26, 2018

2-year-old Lennox drums along to 'I Can' by Speak Life.

She's Been Feeding A Blind Raccoon For Years. Now He Shows Up With 2 Tiny Bodyguards

28,499 views | Posted: May 10, 2018

'They would magically appear when he would come for food.' You have to see it to believe it!

Husband Begs Wife To Tell Him It's A Joke During Hilarious Pregnancy Reveal

27,539 views | Posted: May 16, 2018

I'm not sure that was the reaction she was hoping for but we can't stop laughing.

You Just Need A Bowl With Some Peanut Oil To Catch Mice

19,505 views | Posted: April 23, 2018

He caught seven mice in one night using a little bit of peanut oil.

Dad Learns His Daughter's Dance Routine So He Could Help Her If She Forgot

17,322 views | Posted: May 17, 2018

This father-of-the-year moment was captured at Kiddie Kapers & Company Dance Program in Lexington, Kentucky.

12-Year-Old Fan Sings For Pink At Vancouver Concert

15,705 views | Posted: May 15, 2018

A 12-year-old Canadian girl who desired to sing with Pink realized her dream at Pink's concert in Vancouver on May 12.

Security Cam Captures Dog Rescue Another Dog Who Could Not Get Out Of The Pool

14,208 views | Posted: May 8, 2018

A hero dog was captured on film saving the life of his best friend who had jumped in the pool and could not get out on his own.

Ryan Gosling Loses It Over Comedian Greg Davies' Embarrassing Hangover Story

11,476 views | Posted: May 7, 2018

British comedian Greg Davies tells an embarrassing story on The Graham Norton Show about a time he got very drunk in his 30s while visiting his mother.

Ryan Reynolds Sings 'Tomorrow' From Annie While Wearing A Unicorn Mask

11,063 views | Posted: May 13, 2018

Ryan Reynolds is promoting the release of Deadpool 2 in Korea and decided to compete in a show called 'King of the Masked Singer' where celebrities face off elimination style, wearing masks to hide their identity.

Watch The Hilarious 'Bad Lip Reading' Of Mark Zuckerberg Vs. Congress

10,504 views | Posted: April 25, 2018

'Listen, kid. Blink if you're not a lamp.'

Farm Girls Rock Out To 'Don't Stop Believin' While Cleaning Stalls

9,414 views | Posted: April 26, 2018

Three sisters in Northern New York are going viral after their mom took a video of them singing and dancing to Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin' while tending to their cows.

Runner Overcomes 'The Depths Of Hell' In Epic Finish To Relay Race

8,776 views | Posted: May 5, 2018

The best race comeback you will ever see.

Elmo Singing 'Africa' By Toto Might Be The Happiest Video On The Internet

8,077 views | Posted: May 17, 2018

Elmo blesses the rains down in Africa.

Police Officer Stops Traffic To Help Cat Cross The Road

8,026 views | Posted: May 9, 2018

A police officer in Indonesia is being praised for stopping traffic to help a cat safely cross a busy road.

18 Years Later, Former Lab Chimps Still Remember The Woman Who Freed Them

7,513 views | Posted: May 11, 2018

From the award-winning film WISDOM OF THE WILD, this excerpt captures the emotional reunion between two former lab chimps and the woman who helped them transition to a life without bars.

Baby Laughs So Hard At Pacifier Noise Mom Has To Stop To Make Sure He's Okay

7,429 views | Posted: May 5, 2018

This is the funniest thing this little guy has ever seen.

He Drops To One Knee To Propose, Her Son Drops His Pants

6,957 views | Posted: May 14, 2018

Kevin Przytula said he brought his girlfriend, Allyssa, to Bay City over the weekend to propose. As Przytula drops to one knee, Allyssa's 3-year-old son Owen drops his pants.

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