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Mischievous Toddlers Beg For Forgiveness And It's The Cutest Thing Ever

61,818 views | Posted: December 31, 2020

'Maybe we can think about what we done.'

Cat Refuses To Give Up His Cat Crack

22,087 views | Posted: January 12, 2021

A cat with no self control feasts on cat nip.

Blind Girl Surprised With Braille Harry Potter Books For Christmas

15,200 views | Posted: December 29, 2020

As you can see she is beyond excited to be able to read the Harry Potter books herself!

Man Taking Out Trash Has Morning Hilariously Ruined By Giant Playful Dog

14,286 views | Posted: January 6, 2021

This poor man was just trying to take out the trash when a neighbor's Great Dane spotted him and wanted to play.

Two Groups Of Penguins Stop For A Chat, Then The Confusion Sets In

10,940 views | Posted: January 21, 2021

Two groups of penguins appeared to stop to exchange information as their paths crossed on their way to and from the sea.

Two Italian Toddlers Argue Exactly How You Would Expect

5,768 views | Posted: January 11, 2021

It's a common stereotype that Italian's use a lot of hand gestures when arguing -- or just speaking in general.

UPS Delivery Guy Vs Icy Driveway

5,243 views | Posted: December 26, 2020

Last week we had an ice storm. My driveway was smooth, wet ice... super slippery. I heard the UPS truck pull up so I opened the garage and told him to just leave the package at the sidewalk and I'd figure out a way to get it, but he insisted on getting it t

Cuteness Overload: Puppy Climbs Aboard Mama Duck

4,852 views | Posted: January 14, 2021

Might be the cutest thing you see today.

Wild Horse Sprints To His Girlfriend After Years Apart

4,766 views | Posted: January 11, 2021

A woman was able to reunite two horses after they had been separate for two years.

Dad Gives Tired Son Permission To Sleep

4,689 views | Posted: December 28, 2020

He was trying so hard to be Dad's riding buddy and didn't want to let him down.

A Giant Snake Ruins A Mother And Baby's Nap In The Hammock

4,561 views | Posted: December 30, 2020

Mom handled that pretty well actually.

The Best Dog Videos Of 2020

4,084 views | Posted: January 2, 2021

In a year filled with so much bad... our dogs were very, very good.

A Gigantic Snake Fell Through This Woman's Ceiling

4,077 views | Posted: January 2, 2021

I came home to a mess and discovered a giant snake had caused all the damage.

Man Is Surprised To See His Dog On The Roof, Then Checks The Security Camera

4,020 views | Posted: January 10, 2021

A man who was taking down his Christmas lights was surprised to see his dog had joined him.

He Always Dreamt Of Owning A French Bulldog Puppy, So His Wife Surprised Him On His Birthday

3,829 views | Posted: January 5, 2021

My fiancé always dreamt of owing a French bulldog, but he never thought it would happen.

Grooming An Angry Potato

3,640 views | Posted: January 9, 2021

A dog groomer in Austria posted this adorable video of a teacup pomeranian puppy being brushed.

Dad Tests Out Baby-Proof Bowl. This Is How It Went

3,556 views | Posted: January 14, 2021

It's completely baby proof.

This Guy Washed His Cat And Filmed Her Reaction

3,542 views | Posted: January 6, 2021

I was washed with shampoo so that I would meet the holidays clean and fluffy.

Celebrities Remade 'The Princess Bride' From Scratch During Quarantine

3,318 views | Posted: January 16, 2021

The Princess Bride: Home Movie.

Concerned Dogs Help Sick Mom

2,890 views | Posted: January 16, 2021

The BEST dogs I could ever ask for. Crohns and arthritis are currently kicking my a$$, idk what I'd do without them.

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