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Background Extra Makes Hilarious Compilation Of Films He's Been In

221,851 views | Posted: April 1, 2019

Eduardo Zapata has been working as a background extra in Los Angeles, so he put together this hilarious compilation of all the films and TV shows he's been in.

Watch What Happens When Two Abused Pit Bulls Are Placed In A Room Together

14,788 views | Posted: April 6, 2019

To show that any dog can be healed with love, Hope For Paws arranged a playdate between two of their rescued pit bulls who both suffered abuse.

Firefighter Dad Makes Daughter Proud Singing 'Ave Maria' At Disney World

12,424 views | Posted: March 26, 2019

Dad sings 'Ave Maria' at the Grand Floridian in Disney World.

Hidden Camera Catches Cat Comforting Anxious Dog Every Day While Their Owners Are At Work

11,176 views | Posted: April 3, 2019

Do you know what your pets are doing while you are away?

Dad Channels Jason Bourne To Protect Kids From Crash

10,670 views | Posted: April 1, 2019

Dad mode activated. Best film I've seen in ages.

Seal Accidentally Scares Baby Polar Bear

9,610 views | Posted: April 14, 2019

He was just minding his business making snow balls.

How To Speak Generation Z

9,416 views | Posted: March 27, 2019

It seems like every other week, the kids of Generation Z come out with new slang terms that confuse the rest of us older generations. So, the goal today is to learn how to speak some of that Gen Z lingo!

96-Year-Old Grandma Tears Up The Dance Floor

8,304 views | Posted: April 15, 2019

96-year-old grandma dancing at a family wedding.

Owners Find 'Missing' Kitten In The Most Adorable Place Ever

8,040 views | Posted: March 29, 2019

We spent over half an hour looking for the cat.

Cat Helps Struggling Puppy Get Through The Gate

8,035 views | Posted: March 28, 2019

Nothing can keep these pals apart.

Grumpy Veteran Leaves Waitress $50,000 And A Car For Always Being Kind To Him

7,810 views | Posted: April 6, 2019

For seven years, Luby's waitress Melina Salazar put on a smile and tended to the every need of her most loyal and grumpy customer, Walter 'Buck' Swords.

How To Socialize A Spicy Feral Cat

7,452 views | Posted: April 2, 2019

This video documents Franny's journey from a hissy kitten to a sweet, loving indoor cat.

German Shepherd Is Left Alone With A Rib Bone And Told Not To Eat It

7,362 views | Posted: April 11, 2019

A German Shepherd named Jade was left in a room all alone with a rib bone but told not to eat it. Here's what happened...

This Puppy Laughing Is Going To Make Your Day

6,286 views | Posted: April 3, 2019

She has no doubt that her 14-week-old puppy, Zedd, is laughing in this video and we're going to go ahead and agree with her.

TV Presenter Accidentally Kisses Cyclist On The Lips

5,740 views | Posted: April 9, 2019

Linde Merckpoel, a Belgian television presenter, accidentally kissed professional cyclist Stijn Steels on the lips during an interview.

This Guy Tried The 'One-Punch Man' Challenge And Got Amazing Results In Only 30 Days

5,418 views | Posted: April 12, 2019

I tested doing the 1 Punch Man workout for 30 days and these are my results.

Viral Gymnast Absolutely Crushed The Final Routine Of Her Collegiate Career

5,148 views | Posted: April 22, 2019

Gymnastics sensation Katelyn Ohashi went viral back in January after the UCLA senior scored a perfect 10 for a Michael Jackson inspired routine.

Women Investigate Noises In The Wall And Get Scared Senseless

5,051 views | Posted: March 28, 2019

This hilarious video shows a woman scared senseless by a squirrel in the wall.

Bird Keeps Stopping Mom's Music With Alexa

4,915 views | Posted: April 10, 2019

Mr Magoo hates music so he turns it off.

Little Girls Finds Out She's Being Adopted

4,767 views | Posted: April 16, 2019

The touching moment a little girl is surprised with adoption news.

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