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If anyone is going through a tough time, please read this

1,278 views | Posted by A friend on August 5, 2019

I know things can become difficult in life. Everyone has a different story. Everyone is unique in their own ways. Everyone is healing in their own way and in their own time. People say this a lot, but it is true. It does get better. I promise you that it really does. In the past few years, I've gone from not wanting to live...

Broken Down In Vietnam

1,158 views | Posted by Sincer77 on July 23, 2019

My brother and I were travelling Vietnam by motorbike. My brothers bike broke down and this man pushed it 5km (with his scooter), told the mechanic we needed help and then bought us beer while the mechanic fixed it. We chatted through Google translate the entire time. Mr Tran you are a Bro! Some more info: We were in the middle of...

Miss Kitty

1,068 views | Posted by Kay Heitsch on July 20, 2019

"Kindness like a boomerang always returns" ~ Animal Quotes ~ Many years ago there were no leash laws. People's pets were allowed to roam around freely. It was hard to tell sometimes if an animal was someone's pet or a stray. While we lived in Kentucky there was a cat I named Miss Kitty who came to...

The Best Baseball Game I've Ever Been To

1,055 views | Posted by A friend on July 30, 2019

Growing up I didn't realize how poor we were. My parents were amazing at providing for us. We loved watching baseball games and I wanted to go to a game so bad. We never could afford it. To make up for it, while we were at school, my mom made up tickets to that night's game and money for us to "spend". When we...

Two Souls Passing

1,022 views | Posted by Peter Woodruff on August 2, 2019

"Promise me two things" Not today, Dad, I thought. Please not today. But my plea went unheeded. When my father had something to say, he said it. "Promise me I'll die in my own bed." Really, Dad, can't this wait? "Promise me I won't die...

A Message

941 views | Posted by Jme on July 29, 2019

The other day life was knocking me around pretty hard. It was one thing after another, and difficult to stay positive. I was really down. Out of the blue a dear friend sent an amazing message. It was a life line. Literally a life line. She later surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of roses to brighten my day, and a bag...

35 Years

888 views | Posted by Joseph J. Mazzella on July 23, 2019

Isn't it incredible how the longer we live on this Earth the more the passage of time between the world outside us and the world within us seems out of sync? I attended my 35th high school reunion recently. It was held at the 4-H camp that I grew up next to as a child. When I got there the very first thing I noticed was the little Oak...

More Happy Time

876 views | Posted by A friend on July 30, 2019

My cat learned that the alarm sound means I wake up, and she snuggles on my chest right after. I've been setting my alarm 30 minutes early every day to give her more happy...

Time is passing whether you're using it or not

833 views | Posted by A friend on August 7, 2019

Imagine today in 2029 - 10 years from now. You will still be you, except you will have changed. Think back the 2009 version of you and I bet you will struggle to recognise that person. Regardless of whether you are consciously changing - you are changing whether you want to or not. We overestimate what we can achieve in...

How a silly app helped me to embrace my ageing self

798 views | Posted by Marisa Garau on July 30, 2019

Last February I turned 51. And to be honest, it didn't make me jump with joy. Of course, I still recognised the face in the mirror. But it definitely didn't reflect my inner me anymore. While I retreated to the desolate land of quiet mourning, a tsunami of hallelujah stories swept through the web about...

Potholes And Sour Candy

740 views | Posted by Deanna Flournoy on August 8, 2019

Oh where to can be a thorn in your side (or in my case, a nail) leaving you feeling defeated and full of self doubt and disappointment. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! But you need to know one thing-the only way to make lemonade out of those nasty molded lemons life throws your way, is to change your attitude about it all. You see, it's...

I came home to my future husband singing in the shower for the first time ever

634 views | Posted by A friend on August 2, 2019

He has never sung anything ever. I've never heard him even fake sing. No teasing, nothing. He struggles with self consciousness and struggles to ignore what others might think of him. But he's got the Proclaimers on blast while he's singing along, and I realized I'm just so happy to get to come home to little...

When We Grow

603 views | Posted by Joseph J. Mazzella on August 12, 2019

An unusually hot and wet spring this year was followed by an extremely hot and wet summer. Sunny skies were constantly giving way to heavy showers only to be replaced with more sun and heat. This combination has made for a few changes from our regular Summer here in the mountains of my home. The limbs on the trees are growing twice as fast...

The Sweetest Story About The Sweetest Boy

281 views | Posted by Deanna Flournoy on August 16, 2019

This Sweet Boy is 11 and he knows his momma is sick. He knows the brain tumor damaged her body. He knows she gets overheated easily. He knows she must rest often. This Sweet Boy knows his momma shouldn’t have to do everything herself. When the electricity went off one sweltering August night, Sweet Boy came rushing to his...

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