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The Quitting Carpenter

3,315 views | Posted by Unknown on November 23, 2019

There was once a carpenter who hated his job. After 10 years of working for the same company, he decided to quit. However, after 10 years of working together, his boss wanted help with one final job before he left the team. He asked him to build one final house. The carpenter reluctantly...

After 24 years of hell, I finally want to live

1,030 views | Posted by A friend on November 14, 2019

If this helps just one person it will be worth it. I've been depressed my entire life. I remember being 6 years old and wishing I could just be gone. I grew up in a physically, emotionally, and verbally abusive household and until now, it has stunted me greatly. Professionally I have always excelled with ease, but I had low...

I'm so happy I am fortunate enough to be able to help out a co-worker

967 views | Posted by A friend on November 14, 2019

I recently bought a "new" car for me. It's a used Subaru, I spent around 6k on it. My old car is an 06 Nissan Sentra, it is in okay condition, with about 70k miles on it.  A dealership offered $1,500 for it on trade in.  I have a co-worker, he is a great worker. He is struggling to get by, and...

My 60 second mentality

907 views | Posted by A friend on November 18, 2019

I had a really tough childhood. I was abused physically, mentally, and sexually. I never stayed at any school more than a few months and i had a major brain surgery what resulted in an infection that permanently effected my memory in the short term area. I never like to look back at my past next it upsets me. So I always looked...

There was almost a huge wreck on a rather busy highway

868 views | Posted by A friend on November 20, 2019

I’m on the road a lot for my job and is see a lot of accidents, wrecks, flipped cars..etc. Today I’m heading to a fairly remote town and to get there I have to take a fairly busy highway that has a lot of blind curves and hills. So I’m making my way around a curve and down a hill when I see the car in my lane...

I finally sang with my husband in the car and now we're both crying

825 views | Posted by A friend on November 18, 2019

I love singing, I always have, but I was teased for being a woman with a really deep voice. I wasn't allowed in choir as a kid and never sang with anyone near by. I sing in the car if I'm alone and when I'm home alone, my husband knows this, but I've never felt comfortable before. He's always wanted to hear me...

Well Done, Southwest Airlines

775 views | Posted by Craig on November 27, 2019

Flying home on Southwest Airlines tonight and the flight attendant announced a young girl was celebrating her 8th birthday. They asked all the rows to push the call lights and we all sang Happy Birthday. Then asked her to make a wish and on the count of 3 blow out the "candle lights" and we all turned them off...

The Peaceful God

760 views | Posted by Ndivhuwo Madzivhandila on November 18, 2019

Some time ago I slept peacefully, until I had a dream of darkness telling me that I will never ever succeed in life, but the powerful voice of God came out through me responding.. "whatever words you saying is because you are of darkness and there's no christ within you". The darkness just got lost and I had to woke up and came...

Be Kind Anyway

681 views | Posted by Kay Heitsch on December 2, 2019

For many years I was treated in a very unkind way. I was not only talked about behind my back but I was spoken to in an unkind manner to my face. I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this. There came a time when I had the opportunity to help this person out. For some reason, much to my surprise, I chose to be kind and help....

A Dollar Short

679 views | Posted by ztar on December 4, 2019

It was a late night and my mom and I were driving home when we passed by a convenience store where she spotted an elotero (the corn man) as we drove back around we stopped him so that we could buy corn. I knew I had a $20 in my wallet so my mom and I each got a corn and got some chips to take to my nephew at home. But as soon as I...

I love when my cat meows

637 views | Posted by A friend on November 21, 2019

He meows a lot to communicate with me. He'd randomly walk into my room, greet me, then lay down right next to my desk and sleep. Now he slept there the past few hours and I got the urge to pet him... when I did he let out a cute soft meow, he didn't even bother opening his eyes. This small little thing made me feel so much better. It...

Bill paid by a stranger

600 views | Posted by Silindile on November 29, 2019

My 2 daughters had a swimming gala and finished school early that day. So I went to get them a treat on the way home. I got to the till and as I was trying to pay my bill, my mobile wallet started acting up on me. So I moved to the side to allow the person behind me to be served. Then the till operator said I...

Unsolved Mystery: Secret Santa

512 views | Posted by drakiedoodle on December 8, 2019

My dad had 3 strokes when I was 3. My mom went back to work, but they were having trouble making ends meet. It was Christmas, and my mom made me a doll, my brother was getting a book from a garage sale, and for dinner mom splurged for Kraft mac&cheese. On Christmas eve there was a phone call telling us someone was...

Spirit Of Love

472 views | Posted by Kay Heitsch on December 4, 2019

When Christmas rolls around each year not everyone is happy. It can be a time of high anxiety, sadness, and depression. I know because this is what this season of the year was like for me for many years. It would be easy to allow myself to slip back into that state of mind. However, over the years I've chosen to ask the Lord...

Focus Today

435 views | Posted by Gie on December 3, 2019

People asked me how do I prepare my self in the future, parents say "Do your best at school so you can have a brighter future", grandparents say "Focus on your goals, try to get the best job you can ever get, your life depends on your decisions", friends say "Have fun and Enjoy! you can never experience fun when you...

A Spirited Aunt

392 views | Posted by Terri D Rimmer on December 8, 2019

My Aunt Kay passed away this week after a long illness. I'd known her since I was eight. She was my step dad's sister, his last living sibling. She used to take me to church with her and have me spend the night at her house often when I was between ages 12 to14. She was a great cook, baker, funny, vivacious, and spiritual woman with...

Bad Weather

253 views | Posted by Joseph J. Mazzella on December 10, 2019

It was late November. The trees that had been covered with lovely leaves just a few weeks earlier were now stark, skinny sticks trying to ride out the Winter to come. The sun had become scarce as the dark nights lengthened, but today it was totally gone. Gray, gloomy clouds covered the sky, a cold wind blew, and a chilly rain was falling...

Christmas Cookies

248 views | Posted by Kay Heitsch on December 11, 2019

My Mom came from a family of 14 children. Christmastime wasn't always the best. However, there was a man, who went out of his way, to make the day special. Over the years my Mom talked about how this man would come out on Christmas and bring candy to her and her brothers and sisters. Mom never forgot his kindness. I believe...

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