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Store Angel

1,564 views | Posted by Terri Rimmer on March 31, 2019

I wrecked my car this week and now it's at the collision shop. They're determining whether it's totaled or not. I was waiting a long time on a ride today and there was this red-faced homeless woman sitting outside the store with two bags, so I started talking to her. I told her my name. She had a really sad,...

Made my heart happy

1,544 views | Posted by A friend on April 11, 2019

So my son 7 years old has saved his money over the past year+. He has 235$. We are driving home the other day. Suddenly he randomly says "next time I see a homeless person I'm going to buy them one of these houses". I replied saying how nice that would be of him and what made you think of...

Spilled Brownies

1,481 views | Posted by A friend on April 10, 2019

My wife drives a school bus. It’s a tougher job than most think for minimal pay but she tries her best to make her passengers happy while keeping them safe. One of her younger elementary students got on the bus this morning with a tray of brownies he had made for firemen who were speaking at his school today. When they...

How little faith provides miracles

1,412 views | Posted by Lloyd Celeste on April 8, 2019

One day my fiancé sent me a text message telling me that she needs money for her graduation fee. However, she has no salary for the month of May because classes have already ended. I replied to her, "Okay, this is what you are going to do. Put it in your mind that after 30 days you will have the money that you...

This is true love

1,101 views | Posted by A friend on April 10, 2019

Me (left) and my dad (right) a few years ago. I caught an undiagnosed lung infection that left me in a bad way for about 10 days. Dad just used to sit next to me for hours and read, I wasn't really with it but he had obviously decided my breathing tube was more comfortable in this...

Spreading love for good dogs

1,087 views | Posted by Ariel on March 31, 2019

This just recently happened to me. A bit of backstory that's important: my family has always been poor, but we are a very close knit family, who loves our animals above any possessions. Now this January, things went south for our family, taking us from just poor, to homeless and having lost everything everything except for our animals....

Running Home

1,081 views | Posted by Joseph J. Mazzella on March 29, 2019

My daughter and her little dog Lexie have a special bond. I can still remember the day we rescued her from the animal shelter. Lexie squirmed in my arms when I held her but the second I handed this eight pound pup to my daughter she settled down and snuggled in. My daughter cried tears of joy holding her on the way home and Lexie happily...

Thanks, Frank!

1,069 views | Posted by David J Brunson on April 1, 2019

My wife sent me this picture this morning. She was in Johnston, SC and ran over something in the road and got an immediate flat tire. She called Triple AAA and me, but before either of us got there, this nice gentleman stopped and had it changed in less than 20 min. She was very relieved and thankful, and so was...

Superhero of the Family

897 views | Posted by Gayathri.M on April 4, 2019

Whether its anything from the last day of exams or sometimes just the end of another random day at school, he is always there to cheer us cousins up and end the day with an exciting bang! He is none other than the Santa Claus of our family...our uncle. Everyday holds an exciting surprise, which ranges from something simple like...

A Million Moments

893 views | Posted by Joseph J. Mazzella on April 8, 2019

It was the first day of April, but Mother Nature hadn't gotten the message. Like some bad April Fool's Day joke the ground was hard and frozen when I walked outside. The grass and few daffodils that had bloomed were covered in frost. The single dandelion that had popped its head through the ground had closed up again in the below...

A milkshake

789 views | Posted by A friend on April 17, 2019

I work in a pharmacy and had been having a bad day. An elderly lady came in to drop off her husband’s script and I told her it’d be about a half hour. She told me that it’s fine and that they were going out to eat and I jokingly told her to bring me a milkshake. I was so...

Nurses celebrate woman's last day of chemo

783 views | Posted by A friend on March 28, 2019

All the nurses came in and sang to my mom, and gave her a cake for her last day of chemo treatment. She is crying happy tears! She is cancer...

My Friend Daisy

715 views | Posted by Jay Abington on April 19, 2019

Getting out of the back of the truck I stood in at a ranch home that was set back from the dirt road just enough to be completely shaded by the biggest oak tree I had ever seen. The house was square with a rusty old screened in porch that went all the way around. I found out later it was built around 1860 and was completely...

A Second Chance

617 views | Posted by Jay Abington on April 18, 2019

On the last night of the trip I had about an hour's daylight left for a ride so I took off and headed for the back side of the lake about 4 miles from camp as I come around a corner and I'm suddenly engulfed in a cloud of dust but I can see well enough to make out tire tracks going from the middle of the road then around the corner...

Listen to the echo!

566 views | Posted by Anjali on April 14, 2019

A beautiful, breathtaking tabla music echoed on the air, breaking the silence of the surrounding everyday at blue hour, that the Sun is at a significant depth below the horizon. Many years passed, but still the same tabla practice was going on everyday for three, four hours! Even the birds were silent to listen the soothing music, coming out...

Morning Affirmation

509 views | Posted by A friend on April 19, 2019

Today is going to be a beautiful day. You are going to have a lot of experiences, some you perceive as good and some that you perceive as bad. You will make it through all of them. You will learn, a lot and perhaps more through the experiences that you didn’t want or expect. You get to experience contrast, the light and the dark, both...

Marooned dog strikes oil!

360 views | Posted by Troy Kester on April 18, 2019

A dog named Fools Gold was at sea with his owners on a yacht. A rail came loose and suddenly she fell overboard. She swam almost all day, wondering if she's ever find dry land or be rescued. As she swam, she looked back over her life and remembered why she was named just so. One bad happening after another! Being abandoned, being...

Woman and daughter bought me food at airport

231 views | Posted by A friend on April 24, 2019

So this happened almost an hour ago. I just finished coming from the ticket checker thingy and I was hungry since I hadn’t eaten breakfast. So I wanted to buy some food. I spotted at chocolate croissant and water calling my name so I ordered it and went to get my money. But I had put my money in my bag being put...

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