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Bar Owner Helps Woman Find Stolen Wallet, Then Saves The Man Who Stole It

April 07, 2018 / 9,392 views

A mission to find a stolen wallet changed one man's life forever. Jimmy Gilleece, the owner of a bar called Jimmy's in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, found out that a customer lost her wallet with her wedding ring inside.

Washington's 3 National Parks Receive $1 Million Donation From Woman Who Loved The Outdoors

April 07, 2018 / 4,609 views

Washington state's three largest national parks have received a $1 million donation from the estate of a woman who loved the outdoors.

School Bus Driver Braids Hair Every Morning For Girl Who Lost Her Mother

April 07, 2018 / 17,802 views

Tracy Dean, 47, who has been a bus driver for Alpine School District in Utah for 10 years, recently began braiding the hair of a young student on her morning route. Good news stories in 2018.

Carl's Jr. Employee Saves Woman Shot In YouTube Attack By Making A Tourniquet From A Bungee Cord

April 06, 2018 / 7,002 views

A quick-thinking Carl's Jr. employee helped save a woman's life who had been shot at YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno, California on Tuesday.

Church Eliminates Over $10 Million In Medical Debt For Local Families

April 06, 2018 / 11,036 views

During their Easter service on April 1, 2018, Pastor Stephen Hayes of Covenant Church in Carrollton, Texas, revealed that the congregation eliminated medical debt for more than 4,000 local families and veterans.

A Group Of Service Dogs Took A Trip To Disneyland And The Photos Are Amazing

April 05, 2018 / 20,804 views

A group of service dogs spent the day at Disneyland and the pictures are truly heartwarming.

Man Takes Cat-Themed Lunch Box To Work To Teach His Little Cousin A Lesson

April 05, 2018 / 7,902 views

A man in Charlotte, NC, is taking a 'Space Cats' lunch box to work to show his little cousin that a man can love whatever he wants to love and he doesn't have to be afraid to express that love.

Stephen Hawking Pays For Homeless Meals In Final Act Of Kindness

April 04, 2018 / 10,718 views

Physicist Stephen Hawking paid for 40 homeless people to enjoy an Easter meal in his home city of Cambridge.

Restaurant Employees Surprise Coworker With A Plane Ticket To See Her Family

April 04, 2018 / 16,590 views

A group of employees at a restaurant in Laredo, TX, surprised their coworker with a family reunion.

Britain Announces Toughest Ban On Ivory In Europe In Effort To Protect Elephants

April 03, 2018 / 4,316 views

The British government has announced a full ban on the sale of ivory items regardless of their age in an effort to stop poaching and protect elephants.

2-Year-Old Makes Miraculous Recovery After Parents Turn Off Life Support

April 03, 2018 / 26,958 views

A two-year-old boy with lung cancer woke up from a coma moments after his parents agreed to turn off his life support.

Bulgarians Are Letting Storks Inside Their Homes To Save Them From Freezing

April 02, 2018 / 8,943 views

The weather in Bulgaria has been so cold that storks, which migrate in winter, have been freezing to death. So these kind souls, among others, have taken them in their homes to save them.

Man Loses 326 Pounds After Needing 2 Plane Seats During Wildfire Evacuation

April 02, 2018 / 13,349 views

A man in Alberta, Canada lost 326 pounds after his experience fleeing a wildfire inspired him to change.

Florida Couple Wakes Up To Find An 11-Foot Gator In Their Swimming Pool

April 01, 2018 / 8,434 views

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Department successfully removed a giant alligator from a family swimming pool.

Three Kids Are Set To Win National Awards For Stopping A Suicidal Man From Jumping Off A Bridge

April 01, 2018 / 9,078 views

Three kids from Hertfordshire, England, are being honored for saving a suicidal man's life.

Nurses Break The Rules And Allow A Dying Man To See His Beloved Dog Before He Passed Away

March 31, 2018 / 20,479 views

Nurses at a hospital in Dundee, Scotland, granted a dying man's wish to say goodbye to his dog just hours before he passed away.

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