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The Cherokee Nation Is Donating Nearly $500,000 To Oklahoma Volunteer Fire Departments

May 09, 2018 / 5,192 views

Volunteer fire departments across Oklahoma are getting some financial help that could save lives.

Entire Airport Cheers For Soldier Watching His Wife Give Birth Over FaceTime

May 08, 2018 / 15,577 views

Due to a flight delay, Brooks Lindsey watched his child enter the world from an airport over FaceTime.

This 13-Year-Old Built A Website That Matches People With Shelter Dogs

May 08, 2018 / 13,406 views

An 8th grader in Austin, TX, has spent months researching and writing survey questions to build a website that matches people with shelter dogs that fit their lifestyles.

Man Who Disarmed Waffle House Shooter Raises $229,000 For Victims

May 08, 2018 / 6,988 views

The 29-year-old hero who disarmed a gunman in a Nashville area Waffle House has raised over $229,000 for the victims he could not save.

The 'Extinct' Kangaroo Rat Reemerges After 30 Years

May 07, 2018 / 7,708 views

After 30 years, the San Quintin kangaroo rat was rediscovered in the Valle Tranquilo and Monte Ceniza nature reserves in Mexico. This animal had not been seen since 1986 and was held as an example of a modern extinction due to agricultural conversion.

People Rescue A Boy Who Falls Into A Roadside Drain

May 06, 2018 / 8,502 views

An 11-year-old boy from Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province, was trying to bring an umbrella to his family and accidentally fell into a fast-flowing roadside drain. Motorists who saw the boy fall in stopped their cars and rushed to his rescue in the pouring

Girl With One Hand Can Play The Violin Thanks To Engineering Student's Invention

May 06, 2018 / 7,548 views

An engineering student at LeTourneau University has made a device that helps a little girl with only one hand play the violin.

'Uber Rob' Offers Free Ferry Service To Locals Affected By Flood In New Brunswick

May 06, 2018 / 15,877 views

A Canadian man has been transporting people affected by the floodwaters in southern New Brunswick to safety free of charge.

Steve Irwin's Son Does His Father Proud On 'The Tonight Show' With Jimmy Fallon

May 05, 2018 / 7,740 views

Australian conservationist and television personality Steve Irwin, a.k.a. the 'Crocodile Hunter', has been awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Teen Saves Up Money And Surprises Classmate In Need With New Shoes

May 05, 2018 / 10,760 views

A high school student in South Carolina saved up her money and surprised a classmate in need with new shoes, clothes and a backpack.

Man Performs At Bomb Site And Spurs Movement To Combat Violence With Music

May 05, 2018 / 4,183 views

After three car bombs shook Baghdad, Iraqi maestro Karim Wasfi set up his cello at the site the next day and played to show resilience against terrorism. Good news stories in 2018.

Two Men, Separated By A Generation, Playing Basketball Together

May 04, 2018 / 6,074 views

Two men were filmed enjoying a game of 'Horse' together on a public basketball court in Langhorne, PA, and it's going to make your day.

New Zealand Pledges To Get All Homeless People Off The Streets In Under 4 Weeks

May 04, 2018 / 7,230 views

The New Zealand government has announced a $100 million package to get the country's homeless population off the streets and into shelter this winter (June).

Cheerleader Asks Friend With Special Needs To Prom In Heartwarming Video

May 03, 2018 / 9,351 views

A cheerleader at Anacostia High School in Washington, D.C. asked her friend to prom and the video is going to warm your heart.

Black Men Arrested At Starbucks Settle For $1 Each - And A $200K Donation To Young Entrepreneurs

May 03, 2018 / 10,865 views

The two 23-year-old black men who were arrested in Starbucks while they were waiting for a friend have settled with the city of Philadelphia for $1 each and a city pledge of $200,000 for young entrepreneurs.

Millie Bobby Brown Is Using Her Shaved Head To Uplift Other Girls

May 02, 2018 / 11,078 views

Millie Bobby Brown, who is best known for her role as Eleven in Stranger Things, has recently expressed how shaving her head for the role completely changed her life.

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